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Clyde Narain aka Chuckie is an international DJ who has developed a style of music known as “Dirty Dutch”. Born on 25 June 1978, this talented musician grew up in Suriname and was influenced by the large number of musical genres of the country. Hits including “Let the Bass Kick”, “Aftershock”, and “Make Some Noise” have contributed to his success. Michael Jackson and David Guetta had some of their songs remixed by him. In addition, he produced music for 50 Cent, Kesha and Akon.

Clyde Sergio Narain was always passionate about music. He started DJ-ing when he was only 13. Mixing for friends and family was a good start for him until he began working for Voltage, a club in the Hague. A fan of the Sensation event, he participated for the first time in year 2000. That’s when he set a goal for himself; to stand behind the DJ table.

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