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Amy Anderssen is a porn actress and a webcam girl. She is also known as Amy Juggs, Jayna James, and Amy Azurra. Originally from Canada, this busty beauty is now present in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. She is an escort too, with impressive augmented breasts. Her breast size was 40HH, but she has made some changes during the past years.

Amy Anderssen began her interest in the adult industry right after she lost her virginity, at the age of 20. She travelled between Canada, UK and USA until she managed to make enough connections. In fact, she created her own website in order to become popular.

Amy Anderssen was born on May 4, 1985 in Leamington, Ontario, Canada. She is 5’4″(1.63 m) tall and weighs 125 lb (57 kg). Take a look at her on her personal website, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat below!

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amyanderssen5_1486956300454.jpg -
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amyanderssen5~1479099745673~~KvEDZnKSTVaChCjUdQZuFQAAAepZ92TsnIdW2AVhhNwjEAVhhNwWJAAFRgA.jpg -
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amyanderssen5~1479107982558~~KvEDZnKSTVaChCjUdQZuFQAAAr4p7rvfWCxxqAVhhtLbWAVhhtLTeAAFRgA.jpg -
amyanderssen5~1479086208436~~KvEDZnKSTVaChCjUdQZuFQAAA_Va2_mcovhv6AVhgaHjwAVhgaHW0AAFRgA.jpg -
amyanderssen5~1479099383826~~KvEDZnKSTVaChCjUdQZuFQAAAaQEhrm6euHeoAVhhMYI4AVhhMYASAAFRgA.jpg -
amyanderssen5~1479080286921~~KvEDZnKSTVaChCjUdQZuFQAAAqjDSN5svUIk2AVhgDhyiAVhgDhrJAAFRgA.jpg -
amyanderssen5~1479084486966~~KvEDZnKSTVaChCjUdQZuFQAAAntAZGNXA96F3AVhgTjQnAVhgTjE2AAFRgA.jpg -
amyanderssen5~1479057020029~~KvEDZnKSTVaChCjUdQZuFQAAAnXhZLRdD6sGnAVheqxZDAVheqxR9AAFRgA.jpg -
amyanderssen5~1479058548858~~KvEDZnKSTVaChCjUdQZuFQAAAbWGgeTkng0B1AVhewmpwAVhewmh6AAFRgA.jpg -
amyanderssen5~1479055674159~~KvEDZnKSTVaChCjUdQZuFQAAAueUqhHXn2nyCAVhelo4yAVhelosvAAFRgA.jpg -
amyanderssen5~1479056215006~~KvEDZnKSTVaChCjUdQZuFQAAAL0MPoCv0iiNnAVhens3HAVhensveAAFRgA.jpg -
amyanderssen5~1479054379891~~KvEDZnKSTVaChCjUdQZuFQAAA9U3z0ECD8LtLAVhegvsPAVhegstzAAFRgA.jpg -
amyanderssen5~1479051069245~~KvEDZnKSTVaChCjUdQZuFQAAAcefygoe6ADx-AVheUGtOAVheUEc9AAFRgA.jpg -
amyanderssen5~1479054073257~~KvEDZnKSTVaChCjUdQZuFQAAAuepjqf0X0aBUAVhefh-qAVhefh2pAAFRgA.jpg -
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