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Benjamin Hammond Haggerty is the real name of Macklemore. He is an American hip hop recording artist from Kent, Washington. You might know him from his collaboration with Ryan Lewis. Some of the songs they released together were number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 in 2013. In addition, they won four Grammy Awards at the 2014 ceremony, including Best New Artist, Best Rap Album (The Heist), Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance (“Thrift Shop”). They have also released a second album at the beginning of 2016.

Benjamin Hammond Haggerty was born on June 19, 1983. He was only 15 when he started writing lyrics. In fact, he released his first EP in year 2000. His success has skyrocketed since. As far as his personal life goes, he is engaged to Tricia Davis since 2013 and they have a child together. He has had some drug problems, but he is now clean.

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