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Alexandra Lillian is a young talent. She only started modelling in November 2014. Even so, she already has extensive experience as a lifestyle, glamour and photo shoot model. Her hazel eyes, long wavy hair and bubbly personality will have an instant effect on you!

Born on April 2nd, 1994, this Australian beauty is 170 cm / 5ft 7in tall. She was born in Brisbane, Australia and now she weighs 56 kg / 123 lbs. Her breast size is 93 cm / 37 in, which is harmoniously fitted with her 66 cm / 26in waist and her 83 cm / 33in hips. She characterizes herself as being extremely friendly and a trustworthy person.

Often compared to Abigail Ratchford, Alexandra Lillian was encouraged by her life partner to become a model. After going through a difficult time during 2012 and 2013, she is now healthy and confident enough to succeed in this industry. As soon as she started modelling, she gained an amazing numbers of followers.

You can see Alexandra Lillian on the cover of Guys Magazine and online on the Sports Illustrated’s website. In addition, you can watch her in the music video of the rapper Fortafy, made for his song called “Don’t need em”.

This brown-haired beauty is an animal lover and she likes to help them in her free time. She also likes to work out, using the pole that she has installed in her apartment. Born under the sign of Aries, Alexandra Lillian will enchant us even more in the future.

As any model that cares for her fans, she can be contacted on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat below.

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