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Amanda Elise Lee is not your average personal trainer. She is a blonde beauty that comes from Canadian and Italian parents. She grew up in Los Angeles though, so she is basically American. Her Instagram account gained 4 million followers and that’s how she became famous. Amanda Lee is renowned for the butt and legs exercises that she practices and teaches to others. Her bum is dreamy and close to perfection. However, that takes a lot of work.

Amanda Lee was born on December 13th, 1986 in Canada, but since then she moved to LA. That’s the place where she became a certified personal trainer and Pilates Instructor. It all began when she was in high-school and though she was way too skinny, so she had to put on some muscle. She succeeded there and started her Instagram profile in 2014.

Her Internet fame brought her a collaboration with Ehplabs, for which she is as a brand ambassador. Ehplabs is a health and fitness supplement company. In addition, she made it in the Cosmopolitan magazine with an article about the best 6 moves ever for the perfect butt.

Amanda Elise has her pictures taken by her mother. She likes well-dressed men that are very much into her and she is very active on Instagram, Facebook and on Snapchat too.

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