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Casey seems a lot of fun! Just take a look at her Snapchat pictures to see what she’s up to. She loves ice cream, dogs and a few TV series, such as Curb Your Enthusiasm. She seems to have a good sense of humor as she is cute as well!

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casey386~1478455073336~~Te3Fxku-TXO9Js3kZ4ZWawAAA9foZUg_X3YUKAVg6yh1nAVg6yho4AAFRgA.jpg -
casey386~1478367668125~~Te3Fxku-TXO9Js3kZ4ZWawAAA1mmn6HbcM8VJAVg1lGnTAVg1lGedAAFRgA.jpg -
casey386~1478385924697~~Te3Fxku-TXO9Js3kZ4ZWawAAAEK2kFHSN3h-QAVg2qv0RAVg2qvpZAAFRgA.jpg -
casey386~1478367647951~~Te3Fxku-TXO9Js3kZ4ZWawAAAiz4linQKiuRpAVg1lBtGAVg1lBjPAAFRgA.jpg -
casey386~1478282147247~~Te3Fxku-TXO9Js3kZ4ZWawAAA7DBB8pLzfbplAVgwe94qAVgwe3WvAAFRgA.jpg -
casey386~1477767237323~~Te3Fxku-TXO9Js3kZ4ZWawAAACqt20JkLViqcAVgRypH-AVgRyo7LAAFRgA.jpg -
casey386___1469721152066.jpg -
casey386___1466820610873.jpg -
casey386___1466820648723.jpg -
casey386___1466820583219.jpg -
casey386___1465926439965.jpg -
casey386___1465069372302.jpg -
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