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Chris Sant’Anna is a singer who lives in Londrina, Parana, Brasil. Born on June 5, 1992, he sings a music genre called Sertanejo. On Snapchat, you’ll see pictures of him with his friends and his current girlfriend as well. You can liste to his music on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and see more of his life on Snapchat below!

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chris_santanna~1475708621616~~TY6Jtc6GRqOsQCkccShIhQAAAXbCBAqSORu1FAVeXFpb1AVeXFpMwAAFRgA.jpg -
chris_santanna~1475194866563~~TY6Jtc6GRqOsQCkccShIhQAAAAX4UJO-CVcByAVd4d1QKAVd4d0uDAAFRgA.jpg -
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