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Cory Chase and Cory Chade are one and the same person. She is a pornographic actress born on September 26th, 1979 in Florida, USA. Her body type is average, her breasts are enhanced and her exact measurements are 34D-25-35. She is 5 feet, 5 inches (165 cm) tall and weighs 110 lbs (50 kg).

Cory Chase has worked for Older Woman Fun, Pure Mature, Moms Bang Teens, Chick Pass, Lance Hart, Exposed Webcams, Bare Back Studios and Milf Next Door. On her personal website, you can come up with ideas and requests for porn movies. If she likes them, she will make them happen! In fact, Cory Chase has already participated in hundreds of such scenes and she is also directing others.

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corychasexxx~1477938399996~~oJBn85DvS463BFb4H6HnjgAAAkLqtEZGtiTlgAVgb_lF0AVgb_kr8AAFRgA.jpg -
corychasexxx~1477547626934~~oJBn85DvS463BFb4H6HnjgAAAuWpt0Zm1Aj53AVgEuWtyAVgEs5G2AAFRgA.jpg -
corychasexxx~1477354441113~~oJBn85DvS463BFb4H6HnjgAAADu2GGrSZCb9-AVf5WYMsAVf5L8mZAAFRgA.jpg -
corychasexxx~1476223908471~~oJBn85DvS463BFb4H6HnjgAAAUHBa8H5Uc-4nAVe1zUUNAVe1zTp3AAFRgA.jpg -
corychasexxx~1476224349148~~oJBn85DvS463BFb4H6HnjgAAAziwKrBcIWZv3AVe11AL4AVe10_PcAAFRgA.jpg -
corychasexxx~1476204780322~~oJBn85DvS463BFb4H6HnjgAAACRMaQ_Vxs-0NAVe0qWCBAVe0qVsiAAFRgA.jpg -
corychasexxx~1476223816059~~oJBn85DvS463BFb4H6HnjgAAAL2bGjTV0Z773AVe1y91-AVe1y9F7AAFRgA.jpg -
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corychasexxx___1473000246223.jpg -
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corychasexxx___1470438019442.jpg -
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  1. Hi guys. Add me to all your Social media accounts. I use the Username CoryChasexxx for them all. You can see what I do on my days I shoot and the days I have off and get to have some fun.

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