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Crystal Hefner is pretty famous in the Playboy world. She was the Playboy Playmate of the Month for December 2009, but she is also the third wife of Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner. Their story is really cute as they met at a Halloween party in 2008, when she had already caught the attention of Playboy as organization. It didn’t take long until she moved on to singing and released herdebut single “Club Queen” in 2011. Later on, she co-designed a range of swimwear with Australian designer and owner of Veve Glamor Swimwear, Vanessa Bryce.

Crystal Hefner was born in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, but she lived in multiple places, such as West Bromwich, England and San Diego, California. She studied psychology at La Jolla High School, period during which she started modelling. This lovely blonde is involved in Save the Music Foundation and in dog rescue missions. You might have seen her in a brief apparition in E!’s The Girls Next Door reality show.

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