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Devlin Owens is a laid back, young guy from USA. He has a lovely girlfriend that he likes to show off with. They are both a couple of youngsters enjoying life and having fun. He likes to play board games with her and their friend. Catan is among his favorite board games. He also prefers her to drive the car so he doesn’t have to. Other than that, he also plays Pokemon GO and likes to go out. Add him on Snapchat to find out more!

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devlin_owens~1477161255765~~wVmLPfFcQbOtC8QJNJuKgQAAAtsDYjMHNIGd1AVftrAtIAVftrANVAAFRgA.jpg -
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devlin_owens~1476662502947~~wVmLPfFcQbOtC8QJNJuKgQAAAftQAXM1p0tfoAVfP8ahLAVfP8aYjAAFRgA.jpg -
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Catan is life
Sleepy little Elana
Everything is gonna be okay
We are invisible
1443295354845 picture
Oh Elana is my
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Date night with the gal
devlin_owens - when bae drives and i don t have to -
devlin_owens - one job  -
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