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Gwenb97 will definitely not disappoint. Watch her shows for a fair price! Her body is to die for. Add her on snapchat or check her website.

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gwenb97 - making a premium snapchat where i ll be doing anything you guys ask me to do  20 for life msg me!_6304665162317824 -
Shower time on my premium come join me for just 20$ send to to come join 😘
20$ Amazon gift card for premium I do private stuff on premium 😚
Taking private requests on my premium right now 😚
20$ Amazon gift card to be added for life
https:/ send gift cards to 5$ for 5 private
Send $20 Amazon egiftcard to with your snapchat name to get my  premium Snapchat f
Or msg me on here! I take Amazon gift cards!
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7 thoughts on “gwenb97

  1. I paid her the 20 dollar amazon email delivery card.
    I didn’t get added.
    I got blocked from her normal snapchat not even the premium one.
    Was never added.
    The stattus of my gift card said redeemed.
    I snapped her why I didn’t get added yet.
    Then I was blocked, with no response.
    This must be just some huge fucking scam.
    Wasted 20 dollars.

  2. Want to give “Gwenbb” the benefit of the doubt–snapchat has been deleting screen names that post for free, and she was doing that–but my story is almost exactly like marthavvdir above. Sent the online gift card and saw that it’d been delivered via Amazon. Sent her a snap letting her know (and assumed she was offline or busy when she didn’t respond.) Gwen’s snapchat account was gone (in the morning (Was she deleted by snapchat? Did she block me?) An email to the yahoo address that I sent the gift card to has not been answered, either. Hate to admit it (esp. to myself), but I think Gwenbb97 is a scammer. Buyer beware. (Still hoping I’m wrong…and will update if I am…)

    1. Not wrong. Whoever it is (suspect that “Gwen Brannan” is a fake character designed for the scam) took over the xxx-takeover snapchat Tuesday night after scamming me & blocking me (so I’d think snapchat shut “her” down, I guess) the previous night.

      It’s only 20 bucks…and I was stupid for not checking “her” out more thoroughly before laying down my coin, but it still makes ya mad…

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