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Jessica Wong is a published model. She has recently became a Super Street Model, although she doesn’t know much about cars. According to her, she doesn’t even have a driver’s license. Her dream car is the Mercedes Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo Concept Car.

Jessica Wong would spend her last day on Earth with her loved ones, eating good food. She is an adorable Asian girl who has never had a nightmare job. She likes confident men who make sure she gets home safe from a date. Apart from modelling, this sweetie is a full time psychology/pre-med student.

Jessica Wong does twerking when she is alone and she has some awesome posts and videos on her social media profiles. Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat below!

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jessicuhwong~1478410522500~~bL3c5G4gSweR9CIVvMXY-QAAAmSSakSzSKPnBAVg4IlhEAVg4Ik-EAAFRgA.jpg -
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jessicuhwong___1471194487894.jpg -
jessicuhwong___1471128174526.jpg -
jessicuhwong___1471128279177.jpg -
jessicuhwong___1471136723233.jpg -
jessicuhwong___1471127214452.jpg -
jessicuhwong___1470448262897.jpg -
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jessicuhwong___1468546022277.jpg -
jessicuhwong___1468191039469.jpg -
jessicuhwong___1468205607709.jpg -
jessicuhwong___1467863379512.jpg -
jessicuhwong___1468090627493.jpg -
jessicuhwong___1468130514325.jpg -
jessicuhwong___1467439611436.jpg -
jessicuhwong___1467439734894.jpg -
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jessicuhwong___1466735657867.jpg -
jessicuhwong___1466914799403.jpg -
jessicuhwong___1466480893637.jpg -
jessicuhwong___1466563637447.jpg -
jessicuhwong___1466445786728.jpg -
jessicuhwong___1466301150823.jpg -
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