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Lexi is a blonde girl with a big smile. You can tell she has a sense of humor by her Snapchat post. She used a filter that makes her face looks like grapes. She might post a lot more if you add her on Snapchat and encourage her! Use the link below!

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lexi_lowe_1473463534264__c-fuztXLQOa96-UFxXcFdAAAA9e24bQ8oGKyzAVcRRUY5AVcRRUK4AAFRgA.jpg - www.snapperparty.com
lexi_lowe_1473028095164.jpg - www.snapperparty.com
lexi_lowe_1473028228264.jpg - www.snapperparty.com
lexi_lowe~1473169592955.jpg - www.snapperparty.com
lexi_lowe_1473003538187.jpg - www.snapperparty.com
lexi___lowe~1473169592955.jpg - www.snapperparty.com


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