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Liva Ciera is a tall blonde girl from Denmark, Scandinavia. She is currently living in Copenhagen where she works and studies Graphics and Marketing. In her free time, she works as a bartender and she is very friendly. She wants to get to know new people and if you’re a tourist, she would be glad to show you around. Among her interests she lists coffee drinking, gaming, shopping, running, makeup and many creative things like interior design and painting. If you find this lovely girl interesting, follow her on Instagram and on Snapchat below!

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livaciera - hair s getting so freaking long _6414140054536192 -
livaciera - i m not even ashamed_5908811786059776 -
So freaking cold
Back again with a Septum
Got flowers 😍👌🏼
Surprisingly happy with it
Lol, was wasted yesterday
1449132272228 picture
Beer today
Friday bar now
Filming again
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1447061663829 picture
1447062196431 picture
Celebrating dog poo 👏🏼
1446047108760 picture
The tower
1445954601761 picture
The tower
1445954601761 picture
Good night😘
Banana bread ❤️
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I made an Instagram
Eos ☺️
1444950502651 picture
1444820011892 picture
Going to coffee with my dad you guys
The front camera 😍😍😍
1444855084210 picture
Hanging out with my computer here tonight
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