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Brooklyn Chase was a shy girl until she became a porn actress. The reason why she got in the industry to begin with was lack of money. According to her, she needed to pay for her car and living arrangements. Her job in customer service wasn’t paying enough, so she did what she had to do. To her surprise, doing porn was fun for her. Already divorced, Brooklyn Chase didn’t have to tell anyone about her new job. Her ex-husband took care of it in a very aggressive way. A lot of time has passed since, so now Brooklyn Chase is doing her thing.

Brooklyn Chase was born on March 14, 1985 in San Diego, California, USA. She began her pornstar career in 2012. She is 5’2″ (1.57 m) tall and weighs 110 lb (50 kg). Her boobs are now enhanced and her overall measurements are 32G-25-37 inches. She collaborates with Zero Tolerance, Brazzers, Wicked and BangBros. In addition, she has a few tattoos like wings on her upper back, a butterfly on her lower back, green flowers on her lower right abdomen and a script on her left inside wrist.

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msbrooklynchase~1479088149452~~6grJMUKPTSijSdn00qeJ9AAAAHcSYxSwkaKIHAVhghhdWAVhghhPMAAFRgA.jpg -
msbrooklynchase~1478389595793~~6grJMUKPTSijSdn00qeJ9AAAAbq1VLtytuDP5AVg24wC8AVg24v6RAAFRgA.jpg -
msbrooklynchase~1477609258002~~6grJMUKPTSijSdn00qeJ9AAAA74JZalSIhzPNAVgIYACaAVgIX_wSAAFRgA.jpg -
msbrooklynchase~1477506589659~~6grJMUKPTSijSdn00qeJ9AAAA61zBZpaO9gT8AVgCQbcUAVgCQWPbAAFRgA.jpg -
msbrooklynchase~1477532275047~~6grJMUKPTSijSdn00qeJ9AAAAlyhe2qBWx1RMAVgDyVdXAVgDyVFnAAFRgA.jpg -
msbrooklynchase~1477532326619~~6grJMUKPTSijSdn00qeJ9AAAArZJkiECQUjdkAVgDyh27AVgDyhrbAAFRgA.jpg -
msbrooklynchase~1477406136788~~6grJMUKPTSijSdn00qeJ9AAAAwNEeysn_ZDTaAVf8RJ3GAVf8RJnUAAFRgA.jpg -
msbrooklynchase~1477406006532~~6grJMUKPTSijSdn00qeJ9AAAAvxPZybzpW9y-AVf8QqAZAVf8Qp0EAAFRgA.jpg -
msbrooklynchase~1476215339359~~6grJMUKPTSijSdn00qeJ9AAAA6UcHq8KffTu0AVe1SptTAVe1SnlfAAFRgA.jpg -
msbrooklynchase~1475856068956~~6grJMUKPTSijSdn00qeJ9AAAAcT6UHFYiPKEhAVef4HPJAVef4HFcAAFRgA.jpg -
msbrooklynchase~1475856020222~~6grJMUKPTSijSdn00qeJ9AAAAIhO1rrD8f8SOAVef37X6AVef37L-AAFRgA.jpg -
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2 thoughts on “msbrooklynchase

    1. I think her premium Snapchat is a rip-off! Brooklyn will isolate fans that she doesn’t care for. Her advertising on FanCentro is a complete lie! I waited 10 days after I subscribed for a snap. Then the snap is of her with hair messy, no makeup like if she just woke up. Brooklyn is getting that status of the in demand girl but since then, she has forgot the people who got her there. DO NOT GET HER PREMIUM! But if you do, just remember I told you so.

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