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Patryk Gostek is a guy who lives in Vienna, Austria. He is a father, a businessman and a self-conscious man as well. Working out and taking cheat days into consideration are among his qualities. He sometimes works as a freelancer too, doing voice over in German, Polish and Austrian. In addition, he is also a start up enthusiast and a mentor/adviser. He is currently the host of a business podcast called “Gründerfieber”. A handsome man with a smile on his face, Patryk seems like a cool guy that you should follow on Twitter and add on Snapchat below!

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patrykgostek_1473399698796__M562BQv2S6epMNBoY_6gjgAAAPkjnlZDRn8amAVcNdzlDAVcNdzVsAAFRgA.jpg -
patrykgostek_1473404582578__M562BQv2S6epMNBoY_6gjgAAAtOnQp5m94kHfAVcNwb20AVcNwbqyAAFRgA.jpg -
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patrykgostek_1463232832294.jpg -
patrykgostek~1477567031039~~M562BQv2S6epMNBoY_6gjgAAAz3hep9BgQsATAVgF3IARAVgF26b_AAFRgA.jpg -
patrykgostek~1476878454411~~M562BQv2S6epMNBoY_6gjgAAA578fzVok13YXAVfc0NilAVfc0M6LAAFRgA.jpg -
patrykgostek~1475872688781~~M562BQv2S6epMNBoY_6gjgAAAjSxzxKinEPcRAVeg3g1qAVeg3gqNAAFRgA.jpg -
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