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Rebel Wilson is an actress, writer and producer. She has a very thrilling life story. Even so, she is mostly known for her roles in “Bridesmaids”, and the “Pitch Perfect” series. In addition, she is one of Walt Disney’s distant relative and has a flashy degree to show off. Owner of a law degree from the prestigious University of New South Wales, she trained at the Australian Theater for Young People and at Second City in the US.

Born on March 2, 1980 in Sydney, Australia, Rebel Wilson has to nicknames. She is called Lil’ Reb and sometimes Rebelicious. In addition, she is allergic to dogs and likes to dress for comfort. As for her taste in music, she likes to listen to rap. For more info about her, follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat below!

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rebelwilsonsnap~1477565037250~~kU_vx7axS36HAWGKJKz9pwAAAYfToXh5wTXW8AVgFvT4dAVgFvTrCAAFRgA.jpg -
rebelwilsonsnap~1476731887643~~kU_vx7axS36HAWGKJKz9pwAAAGEl17gGTEFHsAVfUFGRAAVfUFGAbAAFRgA.jpg -
rebelwilsonsnap~1476731867012~~kU_vx7axS36HAWGKJKz9pwAAALkWQ_oX30qFyAVfUFB6tAVfUFA-EAAFRgA.jpg -
rebelwilsonsnap~1476731887501~~kU_vx7axS36HAWGKJKz9pwAAAQSi27LrmbXy7AVfUFGQWAVfUFF-NAAFRgA.jpg -
rebelwilsonsnap~1476731866697~~kU_vx7axS36HAWGKJKz9pwAAANX79QSJQqWt7AVfUFByAAVfUFA5JAAFRgA.jpg -
rebelwilsonsnap~1476731866859~~kU_vx7axS36HAWGKJKz9pwAAAooGk713Vk9pyAVfUFBw1AVfUFA7rAAFRgA.jpg -
rebelwilsonsnap~1476731866608~~kU_vx7axS36HAWGKJKz9pwAAA56vFa-uiUybsAVfUFBpLAVfUFA3wAAFRgA.jpg -
rebelwilsonsnap~1476731866386~~kU_vx7axS36HAWGKJKz9pwAAA0lRbCjjxHkWnAVfUFBvCAVfUFA0SAAFRgA.jpg -
rebelwilsonsnap~1476731866513~~kU_vx7axS36HAWGKJKz9pwAAAXw5jIfGu0n1YAVfUFBkAAVfUFA2RAAFRgA.jpg -
rebelwilsonsnap~1476731866248~~kU_vx7axS36HAWGKJKz9pwAAAJ9-HvFtKRlFeAVfUFBs5AVfUFAyIAAFRgA.jpg -
rebelwilsonsnap~1476731865964~~kU_vx7axS36HAWGKJKz9pwAAA4DkZdy2Z-QULAVfUFBqaAVfUFAtsAAFRgA.jpg -
rebelwilsonsnap~1476731866102~~kU_vx7axS36HAWGKJKz9pwAAAxVD8KWHlxtFwAVfUFBu2AVfUFAv2AAFRgA.jpg -
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