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Kissa Sins has an incredible life story. As she was growing up, she used to hang out with boys a lot. She used to play sports, including hockey. This sexy blonde said she was a total tomboy and a good girl too. When she first decided to have a one night stand, after breaking up with her serious boyfriend, she chose a pornstar. Kissa Sins chose Johnny Sins because she thought he is perfect for a one night stand. Not being emotionally attached is what she wanted. Things turned out very differently because she fell for him and he fell for her. During their relationship, they had recorded some of their sexcapades. She agreed to publish some of them and since their success, she became a pornstar. Her first ever video appeared in 2014. She is still Johnny Sins’s girlfriend though.

Kissa Sins was born on June 22nd, 1988 in Pasadena, CA. She lived in Toronto for 10 years, together with her parents from the age 6 to 16. Her exact measurements are 32C-24-38. This blonde with a great ass is 5″1′ (1.55 m) tall and weighs 121 lb (55 kg). Check her beauty out and her skills on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, her personal website and Snapchat below!

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