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Vice Magazine was founded in 1994. It is the kind of magazine that focuses on arts, culture, and news topics. Based in New York City, it was founded by Suroosh Alvi, Shane Smith and Gavin McInnes. Initially, it was called the “Voice of Montreal”. However, its name was changed to Vice in 1996. Some people may refer to it as Vice Media as well. You should think about the same publication though.

Vice Magazine is so well-spread that the only continents where Vice Magazine is not published are Africa and Antarctica. In addition, Vice acquired the fashion magazine i-D in December 2012 and, by February 2013, Vice produced 24 global editions of the magazine, with a global circulation of 1,147,000 (100,000 in the UK). Vice has also expanded into being a film production company, a record label, and a publishing imprint.

You can read Vice Magazine online here and follow it on its various social media profiles: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube and, of course Snapchat below!

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